koko & Friends


The seeds for Koko and Friends were planted when my eight-year-old daughter attempted suicide due to peer bullying.

 After finding no resources she could relate to, I discovered her dislike for bugs. I used purposeful storytelling to create stories about a family of bugs her age who were bullied by the “cool” house bugs.

As my daughter connected emotionally with the bullied bugs, I was able to enter her world, see life through her eyes, and help repair her broken heart.

 Koko and his cousins are not superheroes with superpowers. They are underdogs experiencing the same ups and downs of young children in the bug world. They refuse to allow anyone to break their spirits or kill their dreams. Koko is an acronym for “Keep on keepin’ on!”  – Never, ever, give up!

“With the right guidance at the right time, children can overcome any situation.”

 Clara Denise West, Ph.D.

Mom, Creator, Owner


Bullying among young children is a serious global problem that is rampant, widespread, and pervasive with negative and sometimes fatal consequences.  Children don’t always know how their words and actions affect others.  It’s up to us to equip them with the social and emotional skill sets they need to act, interact, and react appropriately in peer settings.

Koko and Friends is committed to producing animated videos, books,  and feature films with positive messages that impart problem-solving, coping, choices and consequences, and self-regulation skills before bullying and group exclusion lead to suicide or violence.

Koko and Friends is about saving lives!

Koko and Friends